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Renewable Energy From Sawdust

This project is one of the few climate projects in Europe and illustrates a best practice example of a regenerative system. Heat energy is generated from renewable energy sources and the utilization of sawdust. The production of bleached hardwood kraft pulp brings forth a lot of waste from the preliminary treatment of the wood. Thus, the residual biomass is incinerated in a specially designed biomass boiler aimed to generate heat energy under the form of water steam that is required for the pulp production.

Project Standard: Gold Standard

Project Description

A lot of waste materials result from production of bleached cellulose from hardwood in paper manufacturing. The generated sawdust is used for production of water vapour in this biomass project in Bulgaria. A specifically designed boiler transforms biomass in heat energy in the form of water vapour. Renewable energy is then used again for production of cellulose, and this is how the loop is closed.

The closed loop in cellulose production and the utilisation of biomass to generate heat both save up to 90’000 tons CO2 per year.

Social and Economic Benefits

  • Competitiveness in the energy market may be increased through the implementation of an innovative closed loop system.
  • The project stimulates the business location in Northern Bulgaria and helps create numerous new jobs for the local population.

Environmental Aspects

The environmental benefit of the biomass project is decidedly positive. Air pollution is reduced locally, which improves air quality.

  • The closed loop minimises dependency from power stations. This is beneficial to energy security.
  • The biomass project helps develop a green future for Bulgaria thanks to the promotion of renewable energy. As a lighthouse project it may initiate other similar projects.



Kompensation Bio Fuel
Klimaschutzprojekt Erneuerbare Energie aus Saegemehl in Bulgarien 5
Klimaschutzprojekt Erneuerbare Energie aus Saegemehl in Bulgarien 4