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Project Portfolio

Swiss Climate's portfolio of climate projects includes diverse areas of climate protection in different regions (Switzerland and internationally): renewable energy production, reforestation and forest protection, distribution of cookers at household level, biomass projects or methane prevention. All projects meet our high quality criteria. In addition, our projects have different additional effects on other sustainability goals (SDGs). We would also be happy to refer you to other climate projects outside the portfolio, which are ideally tailored to your needs.

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Clean water and climate protection in Cambodia

With the help of an alternative water treatment method, this project is reducing the use of environmentally harmful fuels and providing more than one million Cambodian families with access to clean …

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Umstieg auf erneuerbare Biomasse zum Schutz der Regenwaelder in Brasilien 2

Switching to Renewable Biomass to Protect the Brazilian Rainforests

The project is ensuring a sustainable energy supply for ceramics businesses in Brazil, thereby protecting both the climate and the rich biodiversity of the Brazilian rainforests. Pro …

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Kuehe 1

Reduction of Methane Emissions From Swiss Dairy Herds

The climate protection project UFA Swiss Climate Feed reduces methane emissions from milk production in Swiss agriculture and thus Switzerland's emissions. The project activity enables theproductio …

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Indonesien 1

Protecting and Preserving Biodiversity in Indonesia

The forest reserve in Borneo, Indonesia, protects and preserves 64,500 hectares of swamp forest in the island’s south against the threat of deforestation by the palm oil industry. The forest reserv …

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Klimaschutzprojekt Energieeffiziente Kocher in Ghana 1

Energy-Efficient Stoves in Ghana

With the help of specially developed, efficient stoves, families in Ghana can drastically reduce their need for firewood. This helps to slow down deforestation and prevents many respiratory disease …

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Kompensation Bio Fuel

Renewable Energy From Sawdust

This project is one of the few climate projects in Europe and illustrates a best practice example of a regenerative system. Heat energy is generated from renewable energy sources and the utilizatio …

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Klimaschutzprojekt Biogasanlagen in der Schweiz

Biogas Production on Swiss Farms

Small biogas plants help innovative Swiss farmers to avoid methane emissions. Thus, these projects enable the agricultural sector to contribute to climate protection as well as to a more decentrali …

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Klimaschutzprojekt Nachhaltiger Waldschutz im Schweizer Wald

Climate Protection and Sustainable Management of Swiss Forest

The project guarantees CO2 storage and sustainable management of 7’279 hectares of forest in the Canton of Schwyz. This protects the climate, preserves Swiss forest biodiversity and al …

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Klimaschutzprojekt Windenergie in Indien 1

Wind Energy in India

The wind project is promoting the generation of renewable energy throughwind turbines in a province in central India. This reduces the use of fossil fuels and supports sustainable development in th …

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Titelbild Wald

Sustainable Forestry and Climate Protection in Switzerland

The program brings together several projects to secure carbon storage and ensure that over 160,000 hectares of forest throughout Switzerland are managed sustainably. This, in turn, protects the cli …

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