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About Us

Swiss Climate is a consultancy company in the areas of CO2 management, sustainability, climate projects and energy. We offer profitable and innovative solutions that help shape a sustainable future. We support companies in reaching a positive impact on the environment, on society, on their profitability and image.

Swiss Climate optimises business processes of companies and organisations sustainably. We advance competitiveness through innovative solutions, effective strategies and long-standing experience and provide for a credible image through real engagement.

The Swiss Climate headquarters is in Berne, further branches are located in Geneva and Hamburg.

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Our Values

  • We operate on an economically sound basis
  • We create added value for our customers
  • We create a positive impact
  • We take over responsibility

our mission statement (in German)


2021 Award of mandate for the Energy Region Office (from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy)

2020 Opening of the Valais office

2018: Opening of the Zurich office

2017: Accreditation as first official Lean and Green Coach

2016: Accreditation of "Energiestadt-Beratung"

2014: Opening of the Geneva office

2014: Partnership with CDP and consultancy for multinational corporations

2012: New business area: Sustainability Reports

2010: Opening of the Hamburg office and consulting in the shipping industry

2008: World's first independently audited CO2 certification: Swiss Climate CO2 Label

2008: Acquisition of c4c Ltd. and relocation to Taubenstrasse 32. New focus on business consultancy.

2006: Foundation of Swiss Climate Invest Ltd. for the purpose of financing climate projects