Climate strategies and net zero for municipalities and cantons

Switzerland has set itself the target by 2050 of limiting its greenhouse gas emissions to the amount that is also removed from the atmosphere. This is known as “net zero”. Municipalities, cities and cantons are key players in this goal, and should therefore lead the way towards net zero.

The main question is how do we achieve net zero? For smaller and medium-sized municipalities especially, it is often difficult to maintain an overview and to evaluate what is possible for them, or even sensible and practicable.

Swiss Climate helps cantonal authorities, departments and municipalities to develop targeted climate and net-zero strategies as well as to formulate specific action plans for implementing the measures that will enable them to achieve net zero and play their part in the fulfilment of the Paris Agreement and Switzerland’s climate goals.


Swiss Climate Services

The starting position varies for each municipality, city and canton. Our energy and climate management experts will work with you to arrive at solutions that are tailored to your specific circumstances. We will pinpoint your current status and show you how you can achieve your goals more quickly.

Swiss Climate offers support in the following areas for the purposes of achieving net zero:

  • Gap analysis: Identification of gaps in the road towards net zero – determining how far you still have to go before achieving net zero
  • Development of CO2 reduction pathways for your canton or municipality as a whole, or for individual sectors (e.g. Building, transportation, industry, etc.) Also available: Determining your administrative area’s current carbon budget
  • Drafting a climate strategy including definition of climate goals to achieve net zero OR adaptation of existing energy and climate plans, guidelines and strategies to the net zero goal
  • Support with implementation: Identifying areas where action is required along with the specific measures, prioritising measures, reviewing progress towards achieving the target
  • Developing a strategy for managing unavoidable emissions (contributions to climate protection projects / CO2 certificates, sink projects)
  • Developing internal and external communication strategies
  • For energy cities: Harmonising climate protection, climate adaptation and other strategic areas with the existing Energy City management strategy
  • For the ambitious: Developing your own climate protection project


How you will benefit 

  • You will be taking a proactive stance towards your current and future climate and energy policy based on the latest scientific findings
  • You will be contributing to the achievement of national energy and climate goals and the country’s fulfilment of the Paris Climate Agreement
  • You will be a pioneer in the eyes of your local population as well as your neighbouring communities and canton
  • You will gain an awareness of your scope for taking action and approach this in a holistic way
  • You will be implementing targeted measures that are designed with cost, effectiveness and impact in mind
  • You will prevent costly remedial operations in the future by taking early action

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