Sustainability workshops

The public as well as specific customers expect companies to act sustainably. Next to price and quality, activities in the field of sustainability gain importance particularly in biddings. Today's and tomorrow's employees are gradually placing higher demands on their employers with respect to sustainability. Is your company under pressure and looking for solutions? Our workshops help you to create a basis:

Strategy workshop

  • Development of a vision for your company, considering the economic, ecological and social frame conditions
  • Discussion or revision of the core values of your company
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks in order to determine the direction of action

Your benefit

  • Recognizing challenges and opportunities
  • Defining rough strategy and impact direction
  • Credible and transparent action towards your stakeholders

Materiality workshop

  • Brief introduction to the sustainability issue
  • Workshop to identify relevant stakeholders and their needs and expectations towards the organisation
  • Determination of the relevant thematic focal points

Your benefits

  •     Consideration of the needs of your stakeholders
  •     Focus on essential topics
  •     Focus on efficient implementation

Your contact partner

Jessica Sing