Sustainability management

Developing a sustainability strategy and integrating it within business processes is a challenging task; however, it pays off for every company. Whether not yet implemented or already established; Swiss Climate supports you in establishing, further developing or refining, as well as in embedding a successful sustainability management within your business strategy. In this way you combine profitability with ecological responsibility and social engagement.

Your benefit

Integrating sustainability does not only help you to position yourself better internally and externally, but also to optimise your business activities and to find innovative solutions. In the long run, you not only become more sustainable as a business, but also more attractive and competitive as an employer.

Your contact partner

Sarah Klink

Senior Consultant

«Why Swiss Climate? … because impact is at the centre of our attention and to this end every employee is involved. This is not only motivating, but also generates the biggest value for our customers.»


MSc in Strategic Management, Rotterdam School of Management

BCA (Hons.) in Commerce and Administration, Focus on Strategy and Culture, Victoria University of Wellington


Sustainability management and reporting, product development, climate neutral printing


Sarah Klink has professional experience in renowned international consultancy companies, where she successfully supported finance companies in organisational restructuring, process improvements and in change management. At Swiss Climate, she is responsible for sustainability management and reporting and supports companies in implementing efficient climate and environmental management.


Our services

  • Elaboration of your company’s vision in consideration of its economic, ecological and social circumstances 
  • Discussion or refinement of your company’s values
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks to determine strategic focus
  • Development of strategy and business model based on preceding insights (e.g. through scenario analysis)
  • Preparation of the (sustainability) strategy

Your benefits

  • Recognise challenges and opportunities
  • Define strategy and strategic focus
  • Convincing and transparent action towards your stakeholders

Our services

  • Introduction to the field of sustainability
  • Support in identifying relevant stakeholders and their needs as well as expectations towards the organisation
  • Identification of key topics and development of a materiality matrix (e.g. in accordance with GRI S or the SDGs)

Your benefits

  • Consideration of your stakeholders’ needs
  • Focus on relevant topics
  • Focus on efficient implementation


Our services

  • Consultancy and support in identifying, determining and measuring relevant indicators
  • Development of a benchmark considering external standards and the environment
  • Development of an industry-specific comparison

Your benefits

  • Assessment of status quo
  • Annual comparability with industry and within your company

Our services

  • Goal definition in terms of topics or indicators
  • Guidance on how to identify, prioritise and implement measures in order to achieve the set goals
  • Support in change management processes including preparation of a specific action plan (divided in short-, medium- and long-term milestones)

Your benefits

  • Real change through sustainable design of your company
  • Achievement of goals
  • Credibility towards stakeholders

Our services

  • Integral reporting in accordance with established guidelines and standards, e.g. GRI S (Global Reporting Initiative), ISO 26000, Global Compact or in accordance with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the UN)
  • Preparation of snapshots and media releases
  • Support in online communication

Your benefits

  • Notification of internal and external stakeholders on the progress made in their sustainability performance
  • Raising awareness and motivation of employees in order to support and shape the process
  • Competitive advantage and bonus points in tenders