Sustainability report

"Do good and make it known". Transparency, responsibility and sustainable management are the goal; internal and external communication as well as refined processes in sustainability reporting serve as a means of achieving the goals.

Swiss Climate supports you and prepares with you a tailored sustainability report and other communication materials, adjusted to the format requested by your company.


Our services

The following approach is used to develop your sustainability report:

  • Consultancy on the suitable format of your report
  • Process support for an integrative reporting in accordance with established guidelines (GRI S or GRI G4, ISO 26000 or Global Compact) or with your requested format
  • Submission of your report to an accredited external agency


Your benefits

From 1 January 2017, there has been a CSR reporting obligation for capital market-oriented companies with more than 500 employees in the European Union. Even for legally not obliged companies, the benefits of transparent reporting are high and varied:

  • In-depth engagement and impact
  • Winning of tenders thanks to sustainable management
  • Higher trustworthiness towards customers, employees, partners and further stakeholders
  • Stronger corporate identity and public image of your company
  • Increased competitive advantage through sustainable market positioning
  • Improvement of business processes

Your contact partner

Tobias Jung

Senior Consultant


Energy- and resource management, WERZ

Environmental science, ETH Zurich


CO2 management et strategy, LCA, ProKilowatt , Energy City consultancy, development of climate projects November 2018 he works as Senior Consultant at Swiss Climate


Tobias brings anlong many years of experience in creating sustainability assessments for the financial sector on behalf of a sustainability rating agency and worked in advising on various sustainability topics, impact assessments and carbon footprints. Since November 2018 he works as Senior Consultant at Swiss Climate.