Swiss Climate offers regular (or upon request) two day courses and trains you to be a «Professional CO₂ Manager». Both course days consist of theory inputs, examples from practice and an active professional exchange and give participants the necessary tools to work with the climate area.

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Information about the course

Date: 3rd and 4th November 2020

Course location: Taubenstrasse 32, 3011 Berne

Lecturers: Sarah Klink,  Othmar Hug, Salomé Gähwiler

Language: German

Goals: deeper knowledge in the fields of climate and CO2-management. All participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course.


  • Deeper knowledge of a comprehensive CO2-management, CO2-footprint and standards
  • Deeper knowledge of strategic issues in the climate sector
  • Insights into various practical examples of different sectors
  • The ability to calculate a CO2-footprint and to define reduction targets
  • The ability to conduct a research on emission factors

Fee: 1750.- CHF

Your contact partner

Salomé Gähwiler


«To create long-term added value for companies, the environment and coming generations – this is my motivation and conviction!


MA HSG in International Affairs and Governance, University of St. Gallen

BA HSG in International Relations, University of St. Gallen


SBT, Lean & Green, CO2 management, communication, social media and public relations


Salomé Gähwiler has professional experience with SRF Tagesschau and as a project collaborator at the World Resources Forum. At Swiss Climate, she specialises in advising logistics and shipping companies. In addition, she is responsible for communication and event management. 

«Viele gute Hintergrundinformationen, Beispiele aus verschiedenen Branchen, praktische Übungen und interessante Diskussionen mit den anderen Teilnehmenden – ich fand den Kurs «Professional CO2-Manager» sehr inspirierend.»

Andrea Foetzki, Umweltmanagement und Infrastruktur Ost, Agroscope, WBF

«Die Schulung zum «Professional CO2-Manager» vermittelt viel Wissen in kurzer Zeit und ist sehr praxisorientiert. Ich kann eine Teilnahme grundsätzlich jedem empfehlen, für den dieses Thema relevant ist. Auch individuelle Fragen wurden jederzeit beantwortet. Für mich ist der Kursbesuch auf jeden Fall ein Gewinn.»

Monica Lehmann,  National Environmental Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz AG