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Veranstaltungen verursachen beträchtliche CO2-Emissionen, so zum Beispiel durch die Anreise und Verpflegung der Zuschauer oder Teilnehmenden. Klimabewusstes Eventmanagement rückt deshalb immer mehr ins Zentrum von Unternehmen. Swiss Climate hat bereits zahlreiche Events erfolgreich auf dem Weg zur Klimaneutralität begleitet. Setzen auch Sie neue Massstäbe bei Ihren Veranstaltungen und tragen Sie somit zur Erreichung der Klimaziele des Pariser Abkommens bei

Ob Konzert, Business-Konferenz oder Sportveranstaltung, Swiss Climate begleitet Sie bei der Organisation klimafreundlicher Events und macht Ihr Engagement sichtbar: Gemeinsam entwickeln wir kreative Konzepte und Strategien im Bereich Klimaschutz.

Auf Anfrage begleiten wir Sie auch gerne bei der Entwicklung von nachhaltigen Eventstrategien oder von der ausarbeitung eines Nachhaltigkeitsberichts für Events. 

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Noémie Bommer


Defining an operational climate strategy is the starting point of the consultancy process at Swiss Climate. In order to establish a reliable CO2 management, the climate strategy is part of the business strategy and is lived actively.


Our services

  • Opportunity and risk analysis for your company and definition of a climate goal
  • Stakehodler and industry analysis to adequately position your company
  • Analysis of relevant CO2 emission sources and definition of operational goals
  • Workshops to define your climate strategy

Your benefits

  • Introduction of a goal-oriented and integral climate strategy
  • Support from employees thanks to raised awareness
  • Attractive and more sustainable positioning

Swiss Climate supports you in calculating your company’s CO₂ footprint (also called: greenhouse gas inventory or ecological footprint). We develop informative key figures on the climate relevant greenhouse gases and demonstrate how to reduce your emissions.

Our services

  • Calculation of CO₂ footprint in accordance with international standards (ISO 14064-1 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
  • Plausibility checks with available CO₂ footprints
  • Consultancy on selection and definition of system boundaries and CO₂ emission factors
  • IT tools to simplify data collection
  • Analysis and reports, including assessment of status quo

Your benefits

  • Assessment of status quo
  • Minimisation of inefficient work processes by introducing goal-oriented improvement measures
  • Basis for sustainability reporting and benchmark analysis
  • Feedback mechanism through annual revision

Goal-oriented measures help you to gradually reduce CO₂ emissions which result from your business activities. These resource savings are beneficial for the climate, but also increase cost efficiency. By compensating the non-avoidable CO₂ emissions, your company becomes climate neutral.

Our services

  • Development of tailored measure catalogues (internal, across the entire value chain, external)
  • Quantification of CO₂ emission reductions and cost savings
  • Employee trainings and raising awareness
  • Communication of subsidies for climate friendly investments
  • Communcation of technology partners for selected solutions
  • Consultancy on a suitable CO₂ compensation which is aligned with your strategy

Your benefits

  • Resource and cost efficiency
  • Higher competitiveness by being a role model and public image 
  • Change and adaptation of outdated behavioural patterns

Your engagement is validated by an accredited independent agency and is certified by the Swiss Climate CO₂ label. The label has been recognised by PUSCH as “Best in Switzerland” in the field of climate protection. The label stands for highest quality regarding process, verifiability and transparency.

Our services

  • Three stepped awards with an externally validated seal of quality: CO₂ footprint, CO₂ optimised or CO₂  neutral
  • Consultancy on developing climate strategies and CO₂ footprints in accordance with ISO 14001 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Your benefits

  • Credibility and transparency towards diverse stakeholders
  • Improvement of market positions thanks to highest quality of the label
  • Higher competitiveness through external validation. Only 40 of the 100 largest companies in Switzerland have their CO₂ fooptrint verified by an independent organisation (CDP report Switzerland 2010). 

The three stepped label

The following process steps are necessary for the three stepped label:


CO₂ footprint: 1) Development climate policy / strategy, 2) Calculation CO₂ footprint, 3) Definition of measures for CO₂ emission reduction, 4) Communication


CO₂  optimised: 1) Compliance with criteria of CO₂ footprint, 2) Analysis of opportunities and risks regarding climate change (physical and legal), 3) Identification of relevant emission sources 4) relative or absolute emission reduction goal


CO₂  neutral: 1) Compliance with criteria of CO₂ optimised, 2) CO₂ compensation of non-avoidable emissions


see label register

see label guidelines

«Do good and make it known». According to this principle, Swiss Climate supports companies in communicating their climate strategies and their CO₂ management – internally as well as externally. This does not only create a positive public image, but also raises awareness of employees, customers and partner.

Our services

  • Workshops on developing communication concepts
  • Preparation of communication materials (e.g. certificates, logos and media releases)
  • Support in internal communication
  • Organisation of press conferences
  • Support in completing questionnaires from suppliers, investors (e.g. CDP) and other stakeholders

Your benefits

  • Credible communication thanks to the CO₂ label
  • Positive public image
  • Raised awareness of employees
  • Motivational driver for employees, customers and partners towards stronger engagement for climate protection

«Dank unserer Zusammenarbeit mit Swiss Climate konnten wir uns gegenüber anderen Veranstaltungen vergleichbarer Grösse positionieren, die Emissionen verschiedener Bereiche analysieren und effiziente Umweltschutzmassnahmen umsetzen.»

Eric Jordan, Präsident des Organisationskommittees 
Rallye du Chablais