Air travel management

The global climate strikes have already made a powerful impact and are stimulating discussions about business travel in the media. To what extent is a business flight necessary? And how can you generelly make your business travel more sustainable?

Swiss Climate supports you in the area of conflict between climate protection and international networking.

Our Services

We provide consulting and compensation services that enable you to make your business trips reputable and climate-friendly, save costs and position yourself as a climate-conscious company.

  • Compensation for unavoidable emissions from business flights:

We procure high-quality CO2 certificates for you and thereby offset the emissions from your business flights with climate protection projects meeting the highest standards.

  • Air travel workshop:

You and your employees will learn how to optimize your air travel management in a practical on-site workshop.

  • Combined offer: Air travel workshop + compensation for flight emissions:

For companies that not only want to compensate, but also optimize.

  • Air travel management for companies:

We support you in the development and introduction of a comprehensive air travel management system including accounting, target definition, implementation of measures, compensation of unavoidable residual emissions and controlling.

  • Accounting for emissions from business travel:

Do you want to know how many emissions your company causes through business travel? We scientifically determine the annual emissions from your employees' business trips (flights, train, car, etc.) for you.

Your Benefit

  • Optimum balance between climate protection and internationally networked business activities
  • Cost reduction
  • Positioning as a climate-conscious company
  • Exemplary function, internal and external marketing and image
  • Credible, transparent and comprehensible compensation with certificates from climate projects that meet the highest international standards.
  • Positive influence on the CO2 balance of the company

Your contact partner

Lisa Bernegger