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Every product or service leaves an environmental footprint over its lifetime, whether that is due to the raw materials used, upstream production or transportation. Although this is a fact of life, the effects of this footprint can be reduced by intelligent measures. With a life cycle assessment (LCA), the emissions associated with your product or service are measured over its entire life cycle and evaluated according to standardised methods. This makes the LCA the best tool that currently exists for quantitatively assessing the impact of a product on the environment. Targeted data collection forms the bedrock for driving forward the sustainable positioning of your products from a numbers-based perspective, and achieving improvements over the entire life cycle.

Our services

Swiss Climate offers a variety of solutions, and helps you to choose the ones that best meet your individual needs. We guide you step by step through the project and support you as you gather your relevant data . This process enables you to gain a clear understanding of the total emissions of your products. 
Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Preparation of a screening LCA for a rough estimation of the main emission sources according to ISO 14044 (not suitable for publication).
  • Calculation of the LCA according to ISO 14044 with various impact estimates (e.g. CO2 footprint according to ISO 14067, Method of Ecological Scarcity (UBP), assessment with ReCiPe points and others)
  • Preparation of comparative life cycle assessments in cases where several products are to be compared with each other
  • Preparation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) or Product Category Rules (PCR)
  • Process assessment (life cycle assessment) to ascertain the emissions of products based on different manufacturing processes

Our approach 

Swiss Climate works in accordance with international standards and best practices and has many years of experience in the preparation of product life cycle assessments. The preparation of a life cycle assessment is an interdisciplinary and collaborative process.

Your benefits

The preparation of a life cycle assessment for a product or service gives you various benefits:

  • Attractive market positioning of your products and services
  • "First mover advantages" depending on the sector and product
  • Leading by example; marketing and image
  • Cost savings
  • Synergies between life cycle assessment and company-wide carbon footprint
  • Knowledge of the emission sources of your products serving as the basis for reducing emissions.


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