Carbon Offsetting

The Swiss Climate Model consciously focuses on CO₂ reduction. However, it is almost impossible to reduce all your company's emissions. Carbon offsetting helps you to compensate for the remaining emissions with the help of one of the climate projects of Swiss Climate.

Swiss Climate offers a wide range of carbon credits from high quality projects. We assist you in choosing a suitable project and offset the credits on a public registry on your behalf, thus making your services, your product, or your company carbon neutral.

Our Services

  • A balanced portfolio of certificates consisting of several high quality climate projects
  • Assistance in selecting a climate project that fits the strategy of your company focusing on technology, country and project standard

Your benefits

Swiss Climate warrants a credible, comprehensible, and transparent offsetting. This is achieved through the compliance with the following five criteria, which root in requirements from the Kyoto protocol.

  • High standards for projects (Gold Standard, VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), CCB Standards)
  • Addioniality of the projects
  • External verification of our projects
  • Addioniality of the projects: it is your purchase of credits that makes these projects possible
  • Complete transparency: we guarantee that one credit can be used for offsetting just once.

Your contact person

Barbara Jossi

Senior Consultant


MSc Geography, University of Bern

BSc Geography and History, University of Bern


ProKilowatt Programms CoolData and CleanDishes, Energy City consultancy, compensation and management of CO2, development of climate projects


Through different activities in a consulting agency and a municipal department of Energy, Barbara Jossi developed an in-depth experience as well as expertise regarding the energy and climate sectors. At Swiss Climate, she supervises the ProKilowatt Programms CoolData und CleanDishes. Moreover, she gives companies and the public sector advice on climate and energy related questions.

Climate Projects

angle-left Biogas Production on Swiss Farms

Biogas Production on Swiss Farms

Small biogas plants help innovative Swiss farmers to avoid methane emissions. Thus, this project enables the agricultural sector to contribute to climate protection as well as to a more decentralized energy production.

Projektstandard: ISO 14064-2

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