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Climate Protection and Sustainable Management of Swiss Forest

The project guarantees CO2 storage and sustainable management of 7’279 hectares of forest in the Canton of Schwyz. This protects the climate, preserves Swiss forest biodiversity and allows for generation of fuel wood for renewable energy production. The project contributions help the forest to simultaneously maintain its various functions as wood supplier, protective forest and recreation area.

Project standard: SC-FCS

Project Description

Trees absorb CO2 from the air over their lifespans and store it within their biomasses. Therefore, national forests contribute significantly to Swiss climate protection. Sustainable management is essential in order for forest to simultaneously maintain its various functions as wood supplier, protective forest and recreation area.

Without project contributions, forest management at the Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz is loss-making. The wood supply would remain at the same level and sustainable growth would not be possible.

Due to this project, wood supply will increase – in addition to the existing reservoir – from 281 m3/hectares to 300 m3/hectares. Thanks to this rise, more CO2 can additionally be stored.

Thanks to the project, the forest corporation sustainably takes advantage of the fuel wood without reducing the long-term wood supply. Wood is locally processed and used for production of renewable energies in the region.

Thanks to project contributions, local biodiversity can be preserved in the forest and protection from natural disasters can be guaranteed.

Social and Economic Benefits

  • Fuel wood production, which is used locally for renewable, climate-friendly energy generation, is strengthened. The added value remains local in the process.
  • Maintenance of roads in the project area ensures access to Alpine areas for agriculture and tourism.
  • Regular trainings and excursions to the forest provide the population with information at no cost. Acceptance of the project in the local population is high.
  • The project maintains or improves the social and economic situation of all forestry employees.
  • The educational transfer is achieved by employing several apprentices in the project.

Environmental Aspects

  • Forest management is executed sustainably in order to preserve the relevant functions of the forest (natural protection, rejuvenation, pest protection, biodiversity, recreation etc.)
  • Sustainable forest management protects local animal and plant species and promotes biodiversity.
  • A greater number of older and thicker trees develop as a result of a growing wood supply.
  • Forest protection areas are maintained by the project owners adjacent to the project perimeter.
  • The project owners renaturates raised bogs and clears low-moor bogs of scrub to protect agricultural areas.



Klimaprojekt Nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung im Schweizer Wald 2
Klimaprojekt Nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung im Schweizer Wald 3
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