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29. February 2024

EgoKiefer - A holistic approach for the climate

EgoKiefer AG is Switzerland’s leading manufacturer of windows and doors. It employs around 450 people at ten Swiss locations. It is important to the company that it actively contributes towards sustainability and climate protection. EgoKiefer also sees it as its duty to help make the industry more sustainable.

In 2021, Swiss Climate worked with EgoKiefer for the first time to draw up a carbon footprint for the company in accordance with the international standards ISO 14064 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This would serve as the basis for comprehensive CO2 management. The company was subsequently awarded the Swiss Climate label ‘CO2 Footprint’.

At the same time, Swiss Climate calculated a comparative ecological footprint for five window products in accordance with the ISO 14044 standard. A carbon footprint was calculated in accordance with ISO 14067, and a comprehensive analysis of the environmental impact was carried out using the ecological scarcity method. All stages of production – from raw material extraction through to the end-of-life phase – were taken into account in the footprint. The products were then awarded the ‘CO2-Optimised’ label by Swiss Climate.

A long-term plan for a sustainable future

EgoKiefer has set itself the long-term goal of reducing not only the company’s operational carbon emissions but those caused by its products as well. From the very beginning, EgoKiefer was keen to take a step-by-step and holistic approach to climate protection. The initial focus was on putting comprehensive CO2 management in place. The first carbon footprint created as part of this then served as the basis for defining a quantitative climate target. With the help of Swiss Climate, the company developed an action plan with specific measures to reduce emissions from the biggest sources.

Swiss Climate provided the following services on this project:

  • CO2 management (company and product footprint)
  • Climate target
  • Climate strategy
  • Workshop

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