Climate Projects

Swiss Climate's portfolio of climate projects includes diverse areas of climate protection in different regions (Switzerland and internationally): renewable energy production, reforestation and forest protection, distribution of cookers at household level, biomass projects or methane prevention.  All projects meet our high quality criteria. In addition, our projects have different additional effects on other sustainability goals (SDGs). We would also be happy to refer you to other climate protection projects outside the portfolio, which are ideally tailored to your needs.

angle-left Sustainable forest management in Peru

Sustainable forest management in Peru

The project is located in a region covering an area that makes up 15 % of the Peruvian Amazon: it is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. It aims to reduce deforestation by increasing monitoring in the region as well as benefiting local communities by contributing to the sustainable development of rural producers.

Project standard: VCS, CCB

Project Description

The transcontinental highway uniting Brazil with Peru’s ports is being opened up through the Amazon rainforest, which constitutes a threat for the environment and the biodiversity of this region. Moreover, current resources fail to adequately control the Peruvian Amazon and protect it from illegal loggers attracted by the great value and accessibility of endangered rainforest trees.

This forest project thus reduces deforestation by increasing surveillance in the rainforest and promoting sustainable forest management in the certified timber concessions.

Several measures are implemented through the project in order to monitor the area and preserve the forest efficiently: elaboration of a custody plan, installation of control posts, delimitation of the concessions boundaries, regular patrolling within vulnerable sectors, monitoring of possible invasions using satellite images as well as the dissemination of environmental education among children and adults from the communities involved in the project.

The project increases regional added-value and creates new job opportunities for local people in the evolving sector of Ecotourism.

Relying on the forest for their survival, local communities understood that with a conscientious forest management, they would be able to obtain a better profit from their huge resources. Besides this, part of the project’s financing is also destined to the enrichment of the Amazonian rainforest through the planting of native species trees in those areas that require it. Through the preservation of the forest and the sustainable management, the project has already removed around 930’000 t of CO2 from the atmosphere in 2016.

Social and economic Benefits

  • The project promotes and finances environmentally friendly productive projects developed by rural farmers and indigenous communities (for ex. natural rubber).
  • Ecotourism projects are implemented in the area.
  • Project funds are invested in electricity generators, computers, an engine for the community boat for river transportation and health assistance.
  • Assistance is also given to other nearby communities in the construction and repairing of roads, support in the campaigns against dengue, support in emergencies such as floods etc.

Environmental Benefits

  • The project helps protecting the habitat of 35 endangered species, for instance Jaguar, Boa constrictor or Tarikaya turtles.
  • Special emphasis is made in the monitoring of the natural regeneration capacity of the rainforest and specifically of the trees in danger of extinction, as is the case with mahogany and cedar.
  • Strengthen biodiversity by protecting the ecosystems where medicinal plants grow, used by locals to cure diseases.
  • Guarantee the equilibrium between human beings and nature: the project seeks to forbid hunting activities in the area.