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angle-left energieregionGOMS – an Alpine success story

energieregionGOMS – an Alpine success story


Back in 2007, the Goms region set out to become the first energy region in the Swiss Alps. It has successfully continued along this path ever since, becoming one of the leading energy regions both nationally and internationally.

From 2015 to 2021, Swiss Climate ran the newly established management office of the energieregionGOMS association and was responsible for building it up. The association includes eight municipalities, four local energy suppliers, three tourism organisations and two forestry businesses. The management office’s tasks included networking and collaboration between a total of eight municipalities and other partners (canton, federal government, local businesses, research institutions), sharing knowledge and expertise (organising specialist events, holding lectures, etc.), raising awareness among the public and offering advice (energy consulting, information events, connecting with specialists), as well as handling the communication and media work of energieregionGOMS (press releases, website, newsletter, interviews, etc.).

An innovative and sustainable region

When it comes to implementation in practice, regions are mostly left to their own devices. energieregionGOMS therefore develops targets in selected action areas with the systematic involvement of all relevant stakeholders and drives the implementation of specific measures to support the ecological and economical development of the region.

The main topics include use of renewable energy and renewable raw materials, as well as eco-friendly and adaptive construction and the promotion of soft tourism, responsible consumption and sustainable mobility.

As the management office of energieregionGOMS, Swiss Climate has completed numerous projects in collaboration with partners. These include creating a territorial energy and carbon footprint, marketing a regional campaign on myths about photovoltaics, as well as creating a car-sharing service for electric vehicles, which was still a novel concept at the time. The footprint shows that carbon emissions were reduced by 20% and the share of renewable energy increased from 17% to 41% between 2007 and 2017. A total of CHF 71 million was invested in projects. Around 76% of the work was carried out by companies owned by energieregionGOMS, which created six jobs.

More information about energieregionGOMS and the various projects can be found on the association’s website.

‘With its expertise and its network, Swiss Climate has helped energieregionGOMS to position itself as Switzerland’s first Alpine energy region.’ Monika Holzegger, former President of the energieregionGOMS association

Swiss Climate provided the following services on this project:

  • Energy consulting
  • Running the management office