Subsidy check

Do you plan to replace the heating system in your building or to change your lighting to LED? There are countless possibilities to subsidise diverse renovation projects. Unfortunately, the «subsidies jungle» has become intransparent and proposals are time-consuming and lengthy.

Our services

Swiss Climate offers a subsidy check for your company:

  • Consultancy regarding the mandatory criteria for a successful subsidy check
  • Research and realistic evaluation of your chances to have your proposal accepted
  • Verification of which subsidies are eligible for your project
  • Calculation of the respective subsidy
  • Preparation and submission of subsidy forms

Your benefit

Swiss Climate takes the risk for the evaluation and you only bear the costs if it is successful. Our services are prorated in case of a successful subsidy proposal by means of a commission.

Your contact partner

Mathias Bürgi


«What it takes for sustainable business is people who think sustainably, future-oriented and who see opportunities. A sustainability strategy is only as good as the sum of all employees within an organisation striving to implement it.»


MAS in Environmental Technology and Management, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)

CAS in Renewable Energies, Environmental Technology, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, FHNW

MA in History, Business Administration, Media Studies, University of Berne


Product development, customer relationship, partnerships, team building


Mathias Bürgi has been chief executive officer at Swiss Climate since 2014. He has a long-standing professional experience in project management in the fields of sales, material planning and warehouse management and headed the initial phase of the competence centre for energy efficiency and renewable energies in the UNESCO biosphere Entlebuch.