A remarkable amount of 3% of Swiss electricity consumption comes from data centres. That is why the programme CoolData encourages the replacement of technology in use by innovative and more energy efficient alternatives. CoolData is financed by ProKilowatt (Swiss Federal Office of Energy) and managed by Swiss Climate. Grants are allowed up to 40% of the investment costs (100’000 CHF maximum per measure).


Application form

Grant conditions

  • Existing technology is replaced by new more energy efficient alternatives (new construction is not eligible to grants)
  • Application form is complete and sent to Swiss Climate by email
  • Respective grant conditions for the measure(s) in the application form are met
  • Current IT performance of the data centre exceeds 10 kW (kilowatt)

Procedure of grant application

  1. Receive an offer by a technology provider
  2. Send the application form by email to Swiss Climate (only complete forms will be considered)
  3. Swiss Climate evaluates the grant application and informs on its decision
  4. The purchase decision for new technology is made and the purchase agreement is signed
  5. Electricity consumption measurements of existing technology are performed (only selected applicants)
  6. New technology is installed and put into operation
  7. Electricity consumption of new technology is performed (only selected applicants)
  8. Payment of grant contribution

Your contact partner

Barbara Jossi

+41 31 330 15 75