For products

Every product, every service and every business activity creates an ecological footprint resulting from its overall lifespan. Nobody can change this fact. What you can influence is however the size of this footprint and the sustainable positioning of your product on the market.

Swiss Climate supports you in taking CO₂ neutral products and services to the market as well as to organise climate friendly events.

Our services

Swiss Climate supports you in calculating the ecological footprint (also called life cycle assessment or LCA) and helps you to find measures to reduce your footprint.

  • Support in data collection
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Identification of suitable measures to reduce CO₂ emissions
  • CO₂ compensation of non-avoidable emissions
  • External validation of your LCA by an accredited independent agency
  • CO₂ label as a distinction for your product, your service or your event
  • Support in communicating your climate protection measures
  • Support in developing a sustainability sponsorship strategy

Your benefits

  • Attractive market positioning through offering of CO₂ neutral products and services
  • «First mover advantages» according to industry and product
  • Role model function, marketing and image
  • Cost savings
  • Positioning as innovative player on the market
  • New sources of financing through sustainability sponsorship

Your contact partner

Othmar Hug

Deputy CEO

«The most important challenges of the 21st century – climate protection and sustainable use of global resources – can only be solved by using an integral perspective.»


Executive MBA in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, EPFL Lausanne

DAS in Corporate Social Responsibility, University of Geneva

MA in International Relations, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) Geneva


Marketing & product development, finance, CO2 compensation, development of climate projects, CDP consultancy


Othmar Hug has been deputy chief executive officer at Swiss Climate since 2014. He has professional experience in the public sector in the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and in sportmanagement (UEFA euro 2008) and heads over 50 consultancy projects at Swiss Climate with internationally active customers.