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Biogas Production on Swiss Farms

Small biogas plants help innovative Swiss farmers to avoid methane emissions. Thus, this project enables the agricultural sector to contribute to climate protection as well as to a more decentralized energy production.

Projektstandard: ISO 14064-2

Additional informationen on this project can be found here.

Few Swiss Carbon Credits

Carbon neutrality is currently mostly achieved through compensation with projects abroad. Even though there are no frontiers to climate protection, clients frequently express the legitimate request to use Swiss projects for carbon offsetting. However, the current federal climate policy impede the implementation of Swiss projects to generate carbon credits for offsetting according to international rules.


Projects in Switzerland are not allowed to issue carbon credits pursuant to international standards. The reason for this is that the Swiss government already claims the corresponding carbon reduction quantities in order to fulfil its Kyoto targets. If a company for example were to use carbon credits from a Swiss project for carbon offsetting (carbon neutral), this would result in double counting. The same carbon reduction would be used twice - once to reach the national target and once for the private company. Obviously every ton of carbon reduced may only be featured once as a carbon credit for compensation. This is defined accordingly in all recognised standards (VCS, Gold Standard, CDM, JI, etc.). This is why it is currently only possible for us to offer our clients and partners CO2 certificates for carbon offsetting from a Swiss project, which doesn't have the problem of double counting (see description of biogas plant project above).

Biogasanlage Schweiz

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